Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Technobio, One More Time

I talked about my video game history in the last technobio so I suppose I'll discuss software in this one. I suppose. I guess.

I more or less ignored any sort of digital media software program until I became involved in online communities. By the very nature of these communities, having something "permanent" like a website was important. A website granted the community some legitamcy that it would otherwise lack. So, at the ripe age of uh 14 or 15, I, um, acquired copies of Dreamweaver and Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro and went to town.


I am still a firm believer of being self taught on any sort of digital media software. Training sessions are nice but I believe that anyone who will actually use and do something with the software has already found a way to learn it. Unless the workshop has a specific point (like the government video conference I attended in Washington DC last October), they're usually pretty pointless. I avoid Intro sessions like I do religious fanatics.


So I toiled around with those programs for a few years, eventually abandoning Dreamweaver for coding in Notepad or Wordpad (which I fully recognize as rather dumb and an inefficient use of time. I need to acquire a coding/compiling program like BBEdit).

It's kind of hard to remember now. At some point I went to college and learned Flash. After I was hired into the digital video production studio I became exposed to a plethora of software. Adobe Premiere, Adobe Encore, iMove, iDVD, Adobe After Effects, Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro, Audio Audition, and many others. It's come to the point where I can sit in front of any program for the first time and figure out most of the basics in about 15 minutes.

Before I came to ASTP I ordered for the digital video production studio two new G5 with ridiculous hardware specs. 4.5 gigs of ram, dual lcd monitors, two of those new Mighty Mice, an MBox with Pro Tools, the full current Macromedia package, Final Cut studio, and the Adobe CS2 Suite (which comes with so much software it is mindboggling). I'm eager to get back so that I can start experimenting with all of this new software and hardware.


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